Friday, January 01, 2010

Goal: Athleticism

A few days ago we saw Avatar. The movie was fun - great effects, predictable story, which is pretty much exactly what I was expecting.

Here was the weird take away I had from it: I'm tired of my fat body keeping me from doing things. I realize I won't be able to leap from treetop to floating mountain anytime soon, but there was just something about the athleticism of the characters that appealed to me. I know that I would enjoy hiking and other activities more if I had less weight on my frame. I've felt better at a lower weight. And really, it's not as much about the weight as it is about the flabbiness. I want to be stronger.

I'm also tired of sickness keeping me from doing things. I'm sick, yet again. We're in Utah visiting the in-laws and when we arrived on the 23rd I was a week into a cold. I figured I had a week, max, left before I felt better. Instead I picked up a new and exciting bug and am now coughing like a fiend and having problems catching my breath if I do something crazy like stand for too long.

I had planned to bring my workout clothes and go to the gym with my mother-in-law while we were here since she goes pretty much every day. But since I've been sick the whole time, that hasn't happened. What a waste of a bunch of vacation days.

This has been the most maddening year for me and sickness, although I'm starting to recognize a pattern, which I don't think is psychosomatic since I JUST realized it. The pattern is, I eat healthy and work out and I'm well. It's when I fall off the healthy living wagon that I get sick soon after. When I think back, it seems like the last 3 times I've been sick fall neatly into this pattern.

So my goal - once the cough goes away and the lung capacity comes back - is to focus yet again on the healthy living. I just hope that I'm better soon.


Deborah said...

When you get back home, let's chat. I'm happy to encourage you/keep you accountable/brainstorm ideas with you if you'll do the same for me. Today I wrote down some fitness, nutrition, and sleep goals that are perhaps more specific and reasonable than some I've had in the past. But it was definitely a horrible feeling a couple of months ago when I had to go shopping for pants and bras because I was too fat for the ones I already had.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a good plan, Deborah. I used to have a couple of motivators at my old job, but lately it's just me motivating myself. I'm going to try to get Jason back into his running too. We'll see how that goes. But, yes, we will chat.

Rachel said...

I don't know if you're into group fitness classes at all, but I'd love to take some kind of class to spice things up, so if you wanted to look into it with me... :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Get better soon!

I like your goal! Sounds like you and Deborah will work on some specific goals (maybe?), which I think are so important. I think making the goals about how you feel and what you can do is so much better than a number.

I ended up losing quite a bit of weight in 2009, but it wasn't until later in the year. The first half of the year, the pounds just kept hanging on no matter what I did. Hubby kept reminding me quite often that I was so much stronger and that I looked different. So I guess what I'm trying to say, don't worry about the scale, but focus on how you feel.

Happy 2010! :)

Steph H said...

You know I'm with you in spirit! :)
You can do it!!

Donna said...

Yea!! You're back!

I know you can accomplish your goal; this sounds completely reasonable and do-able.

Also, I know how you feel about just wanting to feel good in your body. To have that sense of athletic freedom. I was always very heavy on my feet, regardless of my weight, and in my next life, I would *love* to be an athlete--preferably a ballerina--just to feel what it's like to have such physical control over your body.

I started a diet...sort Meaning, I'm not bingeing on cookies & whatnot. Though I did break down & have a bit of scone because my morning oatmeal just wasn't enough to make me feel full. However, I will tally all info in my iPhone app--good God, it's been so long I don't even recall the name of it! No wait, it's "Lose It!"

Was also thinking of using Spark People instead, as I hear you can track your mood & how you generally feel...which I think is also important.

But I digress. Kelly, you can do it! Just think how much good you're doing your body--and your brain, and your energy level--by eating *good* foods for you. I really think sugar & other such foods create some level of toxicity for our bodies...

Kelly said...

Donna, I hope you're meeting your goals today! I like SparkPeople because I find it really simple and you can be as involved or not with communities, pages, etc. as you want.