Sunday, July 27, 2008


Jason commented to me yesterday that I am looking really skinny on top. Which means what about the bottom exactly...? He sure does know how to put his foot in his mouth. But after letting him stammer around for a bit during which the words "upper arms" and "solid like tree trunks"* actually left his mouth, I told him I knew what he meant. For one, I have large upper arms. Most of the women in my family who also struggle with their weight have large upper arms. However, now they're still proportionately larger, but more curvy and toned. Rather than just solid columns of flabbiness.

Also, I lose weight on my upper body faster than my lower body. While I still have 20 pounds to lose, I feel like I'm almost done on the upper body and that 20 pounds is just hanging around my bum and thighs. Even my calves are more toned and have gone down about an inch each.

So despite his poor, poor choice of words, Jason was actually complimenting me and once I made my way through the mire of poor word choice, I felt complimented. Honestly, he tells me I'm pretty all the time and how proud he is of my exercising efforts, just sometimes he trips over his own words. I seem to remember hearing something somewhere about smart boys lacking social graces...

One thing I myself noticed yesterday as I was trying to stay cool in our house in a tank top and track shorts is that even though there is still a layer of cellulite on my thighs, when I walk, I can see my muscles clench and release with every step. I can't remember the last time my thighs looked so good and strong.

* As in, that's what they used to look like.

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