Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I'm having a hard time throwing away my old swimsuit. Granted, it's currently in a heap on the floor, so it's not like I'm taking great care of it, I just haven't wanted to throw it away quite yet.

I actually bought the suit about 7 years ago. I ordered it online because I thought the pattern was cute and I wanted to start swimming again and needed a new suit. I ordered the size I wore when I finished college the year before. However, since then I had put on some weight and the suit didn't fit. Specifically, there wasn't enough fabric to cover my rapidly expanding bum. And the last thing you want when you're swimming is plumber's butt.

I kept it anyway, thinking since I was going to start swimming, I would shed that weight no problem. Instead I gained about 30 more pounds and have spent the last few years trying to get rid of all of that. It wasn't until earlier this year that I thought maybe the suit would actually fit. It did.

So I wore it and I wore it out. When you swim every day, or close to every day, the average Speedo only last a few months. Then the elastic in the fabric starts deteriorating, creating massive spots where the fabric is completely transparent that gradually expand until you might as well be naked. Not good in a public pool.

Last month I noticed a creeping see-through spot on my chest and one on my bum. So I ordered a new suit*. I've been wearing the new suit for a couple of weeks now, but I still have the old suit. I feel like I should frame it or something. I've packed and repacked that suit for many moves and kept it tucked away in the back of a dresser drawer, saving it for that day when it would finally fit. Maybe I should cut out a piece of fabric with the worn out Speedo logo and keep it tucked away to remind myself of what I have accomplished so far.

90 laps this morning.
Weight: 177.8

* This time I ordered one made of "Endurance" fabric for a few bucks more that's supposed to last longer. It seems sturdier, so hopefully it will.

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amyh said...

That's an inspiring post. I have a pair of capris with similar meaning for me. I think you should keep part of the suit as a reminder. You've really accomplished a lot!