Friday, July 11, 2008

I Am Not A Morning Person

Lest you think I'm perfect little workout girl, I haven't been to the gym in 2 days. And I realized this morning AFTER I slept for another hour instead of going swimming that I probably won't be able to go tomorrow. We're going on a dinner cruise up in Boston tonight and won't get home until probably close to 1 so early morning swimming is out. The next lap swim time on Saturdays is at noon, but we're going to our friend's son's first birthday party. So 3 days in a row, no swimming.

I've been so tired the past couple mornings that I just couldn't get up. I tried to talk myself into going this morning, I really did. I reminded myself how I usually have the greatest workouts on the days when I truly and honestly don't feel like going. But I was having none of it and I reset my alarm ahead an hour and curled up next to Jason.

I swam twice this week and I guess I'll have to make do with that. Today is my last day of work until after the Bar and my last Bar class is Tuesday so I will be able to create a regimented schedule for myself, including working out every morning. I know as the Bar gets closer, I'm going to need that stress outlet.

Also on the agenda for alleviating stress: studying at the beach. A lady I work with told me about this great secluded beach just south of us where the parking is free. Perfect for studying!

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Amazon Alanna said...

I hear you on the needing sleep thing....but yay on scheduling in workouts during your study time.

If you can, take a pic of the secluded beach. I bet it's gorgeous!