Saturday, July 05, 2008


So I've never actually had a hangover, but I have a feeling that the way I feel today is a pretty good approximation. Yesterday there was no redeeming value to the food I consumed. Happy 4th of July!

Basically, I think my downfall was too many simple carbohydrates. Lots of sugar and white flour combined with zero fruits and vegetables - unless you count the piece of lettuce on my hamburger, which I don't. I woke up this morning with a headache and I felt completely wiped out.

I still made it to the pool and got in 100 laps, but they were kind of a lazy 100 as I willed my head not to fall off of my neck and sink to the bottom of the pool like it wanted to do. I have managed to do 4 Barbri Multistate practice sets (and am actually doing well enough to pass the Bar if they asked me those particular questions. Hooray!) But my head still hurts and I'm in a complete fog.

Jason is out with his sister running errands. I'm taking advantage of the down time by popping a couple Excedrin and laying down in my comfy bed, watching TV shows on my computer. When they get back we'll be going out to dinner tonight wherein I will be eating lean protein, fruits and vegetables and severely limiting the bread basket.

We played on our friends' Wii Fit again last night and now I really want one. So expensive, though! My thighs were actually sore this morning from the hula hooping. It's really a fun time and I think that if we had one, it would be a good way to get Jason up off the couch and active when we're home in the evenings. I won't be stopping my regular work outs, obviously, but I think the Wii Fit would be a good supplement for me.

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Beckie said...

oh my gosh, that's it. Junk food hangover!! On saturday I couldn't get my rear in gear! I felt all funny and the best way to discribe it was like a hangover. And i knew I hadn't had anything to drink...and now I know what it was a JUNK food hang over!