Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, So Hungry...

Last night I sort of had two dinners. First I had some salmon with steamed broccoli. Then a couple of hours later I had some chicken and 2 clementines. I was so hungry. Stomach growling and hurting hungry. I am a big fan of fruits and vegetables, but substantively, there's just not a lot there. The salad I just ate for lunch probably had a grand total of 52 calories before I put the chicken on top.

And I didn't go swimming last night because by the time I got home from work I was completely famished. I am bound and determined to go tonight though.

So today I've tried to modify my food a little. I brought more protein to work to eat throughout the day and I brought some more fruit. Plus, C, the co-worker I'm doing this with, thinks she found a smoothie place where we can adjust the smoothies to the point of fitting into the diet. I hope it works out because I'm really looking forward to a smoothie break in another hour or two.

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