Wednesday, February 28, 2007

As God Is My Witness, I May Never Eat Carbs or Dairy Again

I don't know how detoxed I'm getting, but tonight I did some preliminary weighing and measuring (Thursday is my official night), and I've lost 2.4 pounds since Monday and also definitely lost an inch or two since last Thursday. I'll find out the official numbers tomorrow.

Also, I rocked it in the pool. Since starting back with the swimming my best time has been 32 in 14:20. Tonight I did 32 in 13:15. What? That's just crazy. I mean, I'm happy, but it's crazy.


Anonymous said...

Don't do this! Not eating carbs is a really bad idea. You can't keep it up forever, and as soon as you have a slice of bread you'll blow up like a blimp.

Kelly said...

Anon, don't panic. I'm back on the carbs. I was exaggerating. However, my fast swim times have kept up, so it wasn't just the carbs and the dairy.