Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh Yeah...

Just to keep things accurate, I swam 70 laps last Wednesday. I also did the grand measuring and weighing, which I'm going to do every week to see if there is any progress of any sort.

I swear my jeans are a tad less tight, but that may be wishful thinking on my part. Or wearing the same jeans too many days in a row. Whatever.

So I'm trying to keep everything in perspective, all in moderation and such, and I unexpectedly splurged both Sunday and Monday nights. Well, see, usually I have one splurge day, but I figured having dessert with dinner 2 nights in a row could sort of be compressed into being thought of as one day. Ah, the sweet, sweet tones of rationalization. However, I would just like to point out that Jason, my boyfriend, is constantly eating candy leftovers from the 75% off post-Halloween candy extravaganza and offering me some each time because he forgets I'm not eating the sugar. In fact, one time he literally tried to force part of a Kit-Kat between my tightly closed lips (in a playful, non-abusive boyfriend type manner). And there is currently a bowl of Hershey's Kisses and Hugs in our living room (courtesy of my teeny-tiny roommate). I have abstained from all of that.

So Sunday night I had 3 chocolate chip peanut butter cookies that Jason's sister-in-law made. And last night we went out to dinner with Jason's parents and because of some dinner issues got dessert for free. Appropriately I got the Big Fat Chocolate Cake. Oh, it was divine! Dark and rich, just like I like my chocolate (not to mention my men. Hee!).

Other than those little tidbits, I've been eating pretty well.

I can't go swimming tonight because I have to stay late at work. Well, not late really, just later than the pool is open for lap swimming. However, I plan to walk at least part of the way home from work. We'll see how far I get given that it's obscenely cold and windy in Boston. Charles/MGH? Kendall? Or all the way home?

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