Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good News/Bad News

I have an interview. Yay!

I now HAVE to buy a new suit. Boo!

It's impossible for me to find a suit that fits. Here's hoping and praying that this suit searching expedition goes better than all the others. My suit is old and shoddy and the jacket is slightly lighter than the skirt thanks to having been left in my car (Whoops!). As you can see, I HAVE to get a new suit.

70 laps last night. I think I did 32 in 14:20, but I'm not sure because I couldn't really see the clock and my contacts go a little wonky when I have the goggles on for a long time.

I'm not keeping track of food really because of the detox plan. Just know that so far today I have had a LOT of vegetables, several fruits and a couple of chicken breasts.


LME said...

They can be stodgy for some things, but I really recommend Talbot's. I think their sizing goes up to at least 18 now. Not outrageously expensive, and good quality, and they aren't cut for twigs.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the tip! I wound up finding some things at Sears that will do. Because I lose disproportionately I'm now TWO sizes smaller on top, and Sears has a big selection of separates.