Thursday, February 08, 2007

Progress is Being Made

I swam 70 laps both last night and tonight. I think what I choose to have for an afternoon snack really affects my workout. Yesterday I had some carrots, which didn't fill me up so I had some chicken boullion (not broth) and then ate a small piece of bread right before I went over to the pool. It was a hard workout. I didn't feel coordinated and after 16 laps straight my head would be pounding.

However, today I had some pineapple for my snack and then half a Kashi Go Lean bar (which has soy protein in it) right before I went to the pool. I totally rocked it tonight and swam 32 laps in a row for the first time since the New Year. It's amazing how much food impacts my workout capacity.

Tonight I weighed and measured myself. In this past week, I have only lost 1.2 pounds, however, I've lost .5 inches and 1.5% in body fat! I'm excited about the body fat number since it means the swimming is really starting to tone me up. The .5 inches is cumulative so I actually lost in some places (most notably a whole half an inch off my hips) and gained in a couple of places (which I'm attributing to some muscle starting to bulk up under the fat I haven't lost yet. Yes, I have theories galore). I'm happy that things are actually improving.

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