Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We Won!

J came in this morning and confessed to A and me that he had lost the bet. He'd set the goal of going to the gym 5 times a week, and last week he only made it 3 times.

Wow, knocked out in the first week. I told him how I had been so tired yesterday, but I went to the gym anyway because otherwise I wouldn't get in my 4 times this week and if I lost this early in our bet, I would be a big LOSER.

As A says, "Would you like some butter for that burn?"

So J will be taking us to Thaiphoon probably next week or the week after. Our bet has started up again, with J re-setting his goal at 4 a week. I'm still at 4 and A is at 3. I think A should have to do extra push-ups or something, but we're just trying to motivate one another, not make each other do something we don't want to do.

It's very handy that I've just started going to the gym and showering at the gym every day because my shower is falling out of the wall at home. There's a big leak there that's been there for years apparently. All of the drywall has rotted away behind the tiles (they were staying up by sheer will power I guess), and the water finally started leaking down on the neighbors below, which is how all of this was discovered. A plumber will be messing about in my bathroom in the coming weeks. I'm just glad I have the gym shower as an alternative.

As for last week, I did work out 4 times, but I can't think what days. I think Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, although I'm not positive. I know I went 4 times though, and that's all that matters. I've upped my elliptical time to 45 minutes, which feels really good and kind of hurts in that great muscle achey way. I was going to start doing weights this week, but when I get to the gym all I want to do is hop on the elliptical and stride all my tension and tiredness away. Since I have to get back to work afterwards, I'm kind of restricted as to what I can do with regard to time. Next week I'll try to add on the weights.


102pounds said...

Hey Kelly

Amazing job on you blog, you inspire the new blogers like me. You also are an inspiration on tou accomplishments, you weight loss , your education.

Keep the good work, and pass some of that will power to more people.

LME said...

Awesome! Congrats on sticking to your goal.

I have the same problem you're encountering with cardio vs. weights. I'll go in intending to lift, but I love that rush I get from doing cardio, and will end up doing that. But it really is all good, you know. Whatever you end up doing. As long as it's moving.