Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rockin' the Walkin'

Last summer when I was studying for the Bar, I discovered that stress is a very effective exercise motivator. I broke my own personal times for my distance swimming practically every day as the Bar drew closer.

Now I'm working this job that while benign on the surface, is seething with underlying issues that I am required to deal with as the team leader. Every day there are at least 4 little fires that I have to put out, in addition to keeping an eye on supplies, making sure everything runs smoothly for lunch, and dealing with the major personality conflict issues in my room. Not to mention fending off surreptitious assaults by this person on the project who seems to be gunning for my job.

The last couple of days the gym has been my oasis. I have ellipticalled like crazy at the gym for 45 minutes, and then found excuses to run out on little errands here and there for office supplies, or to pick up dinner. I'm still wearing my pedometer and today so far I've managed over 14,000 steps (and the pedometer counts kind of slow when I am on the elliptical, so in reality it's probably closer to 16,000). Plus I'm doing mad speed and burning mad calories on the elliptical.

I figure by the time this job is over at the end of the summer, I may have a few more gray hairs, but with any luck my bum will be hot stuff.


Regina said...

You have to make sure LUNCH runs smoothly?

Kelly said...

Yeah, pretty much. It was relaly bad before they got a girl in 4 days a week to help out. At least she cleans up now. But she's young and inexperienced and I kind of have to hang around to help set up and to call the place if it's late, or not enough food comes, or they burn it (all have happened). She gets kind of flustered, although she is getting better.