Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Long Hours and the Gym

Well, I'm on my 3rd 12-hour day. I worked 10 hours Monday because I flew in from Boston, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have been 12 hours. I don't know if I can keep up 72 hours a week consistently, but maybe I can do a couple of 72-hour weeks, followed by one 60-hour week for a break. Who ever thought 60 hours would be a break?

I had my splurge day for May a little early. Today. It's only been about 4 days since my April splurge day and it's only the 3rd day of May! Usually with our catered lunch we get lots of different desserts and after the first few days of that I discovered it was very easy to turn my nose up at them and feel good about myself for resisting. I snagged a few of them at the end of last week and nibbled at them on my splurge day during the 24 hours between Saturday night and Sunday night. You know what I discovered? They're not all that. It was just my crazy, sugar-hyped brain that told me the kind of bland chocolate chip cookie bar was absolutely what I needed more than anything else ever in the world. Though I also had some Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint ice cream on Saturday night and that was totally worth it.

Today at work as a little treat the staffing agency brought in a vendor who made fresh little waffle dishes and put ice cream and a myriad of toppings on them. When I first heard this would be happening I was bound and determined to not have any. But seriously, how often does this happen? Um, never. Plus, ice cream is my Achilles heel. I can resist most any sweet, but ice cream is ALWAYS a temptation. (If Baskin Robbins ever reintroduced Chocolate Raspberry Truffle I'd be a goner).

So I had a little waffle dish with two scoops of very rich chocolate ice cream, a little brownie square, bananas and chocolate sprinkles. And it was good. SO good.

But no more sugar for the month of May!

I also joined the gym on Tuesday and I worked out yesterday and today in the middle of my workday. Go me!


G. said...

Food is always more tempting when it's free, also.

LME said...

Yay you for getting yourself to the gym, especially with that crazy work schedule.

ummm said...

Hey look! You have a twin! LOL.

check out


I hope you're not too too busy at work, and you have time to delete this :) (tough job, surfing the net and updating your blog(s)). But check back to occasionally if you have time. Enjoy!

k8 said...

hey where can i get a job like ummm's that lets me waste my day making pointless fun of someone anonymously? that is like, so edgy and cool.