Friday, May 26, 2006

I Heart the Elliptical

Last night I tried out going to the gym after work to see how it felt. I really missed breaking up the middle of my day, but it was nice to leave work and not have to come back and also to not have to shower at the gym and also to be able to work out as long as I wanted without feeling crunched for time.

I went with A and she pushed me past my comfort zone, which is always good. We were ellipticalling across from one another and when I finished she said she had 5 more minutes. Then she looked at me standing there and said, "Keep going. Come on, get going!" So I did. Last night I did 50 minutes on the elliptical.

Afterwards we went over to the mat and A showed me her ab routine, which was great and painful. I was proud of myself because I kept up with her on all except for one of the exercises, where she did 15 and I did 12. Must be all those years of swimming. They kept my abs pretty strong, even under all the current flabbiness.

Then I went and ate something that probably wasn't the best, but man was it good! There's an empanada place next to the gym and everyone at work has been raving about it. So after my workout, I was ravenous (it was 9 PM by this point) and I got a Chilean (curry beef and veggies) and a Vegetarian (sweet potato, onion, cabbage and chick peas). All wrapped in a very bad, very high-carb shell. It was fantastic! Plus don't they say after you work out that you're still burning calories for awhile?

I meant to weigh myself this morning because I'm going out of town and won't be able to do my Sunday weigh-in. But this morning I stumbled around in a sleepy stupor and finished up packing and completely forgot. However, I know something good is happening.

Exhibit A - my size 16 stretch bootcut jeans are getting looser, and my size 14 relaxed fit jeans are super baggy by the end of the day. Soon I'll be able to fit back into my 14 stretch bootcuts, that, frankly, make me feel hot.

Exhibit B - my dress slacks are getting baggy again. When I bought them a couple of years ago, they fit perfectly. After losing weight last year, they were really baggy, but as I gained back some of the weight they started to fit perfectly again. So sure, I looked nice, but I would rather have looked nice in the next size down. Thay're getting baggy again and I am so happy.


snackiepoo said...

We actually bought one for our home a few months ago and love having it! It is the only machine that does not bore me and it amazes me how quickly it tones everything up...yay for you!

Spider63 said...

Ellipticals have helped me alot more than treadmills. The exercise is much more intense!

Kelly said...

Snackiepoo, my boyfriend was commenting on my newly toned arms this weekend. I have yet to figure out whether he was kidding or not, but *I* know that my triceps are definitely more defined.

Spider, see I think it's a good workout, but one of my co-workers thinks the elliptical is easier than the treadmill.