Saturday, May 06, 2006


After signing up on Tuesday, I went to the gym Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm wrapping up my 70-hour work week and, no, I won't be going to the gym today. Me and two of my co-workers joined this gym and we're starting a challenge. J wants to go 5 times a week, I want to go at least 4, and A wants to go 3. Whoever doesn't make their number has to take the others out to dinner. The challenge is on starting next week since we all just signed up this week.

Working out has been a great way to break up my 12-hour days. Wake up at 5:45 AM, get to work at 7 AM, go to the gym from 3:00-4:30 PM, come back and work until 8:30. Then I take the train home and fall down on the floor asleep at 10:30 or 11. No, actually I usually make it to the bed. Working out gives me that push to get through the rest of my work day doing the most mind-numbing work in the world (document review). I'm very, very glad to have a job, but I will be even gladder when I find a real job.

So far I've been doing the elliptical at the gym. My calves have been yelling at me since I started, not understanding this exertion I'm asking of them. I love the elliptical. Someday I'd really like to buy my own and be able to work out whenever and without having to traipse to the gym. Someday if I ever live somewhere for more than a few months.

My gym has a program at certain times of the day where you can have a trainer get you set up on all of the weight machines. I've done them all before, but it would be nice to get a precise program for myself and know exactly where I should be putting the seat, etc. I tried to do this Friday, but the trainer didn't stay as long as he was supposed to. I didn't know this and in my attempt to find someone to help me, I bumped into the sales rep who signed me up on Tuesday. He looked for the guy and then told me that since he was gone, that I should come back on Monday and he would personally set me up with the training manager to give me a special session. Nice!

All in all, I like the gym, except for there's no changing room for getting dressed after my shower. My co-worker A and I have discussed at length how it's great that some women are so comfortable prancing around naked, but we do not fall into that category. And she's a teeny person, so apparently this isn't just an effect of my extra poundage.

When I told Jason about the women prancing around naked in the locker room he asked, "And how can I get in on this?"


LME said...

I felt very weird about this locker room business, too, when I started working out at the gym. But it does get easier, I think, the more you go. I do think it would freak me out to be in the locker room with a co-worker though. Eek.

Regina said...

It does get easier with time. I've been using the Bally locker room for 3 1/2 years and now I'm only a little bit uncomfortable prancing.