Monday, May 22, 2006

Check In

I'm down another 1.6 pounds this week. Yay! Plus, on Friday a woman at work (who is also doing her own weight loss thing so we commiserate) told me I'm looking good and I definitely look like I'm losing. All I know right now is that I feel better, and, really, that's what I'm shooting for. Well, that and a nice bum.

I didn't measure this week because Jason was in town and I didn't feel like doing all the tape measure machinations when I could be cuddling with him. He doesn't really get the whole measuring thing. I told him last week that I had lost 3 inches and he asked, "What do you mean? Around your waist or what?" I tried to explain that I meant all over. That in itsy little increments I had managed to lose 3 inches from all over various bits of my body and that it was a good thing because it meant I was toning up some. I think the concept was lost on him, but I know that it matters and that I've lost 2.5 inches total off of my waist and hips and I'm really happy about that.


fb said...

This is great news, you are doing terrific!

LME said...