Thursday, January 09, 2014


I love eggs. Sometimes I get tired of them, but generally speaking I eat them pretty reliably for breakfast almost every day.  Just this morning I had 2 eggs scrambled in some butter with a couple ounces of leftover chicken breast and a bit of feta cheese on top.  Delicious!

Now that we get eggs in our weekly farm share, I enjoy them even more.  Fresh eggs are fantastic.

A couple of years ago when I went to a nutritionist to try to figure out why I wasn't losing any weight (Spoiler: she didn't help) she looked horrified that I might eat 3-4 eggs per morning when I was swimming 2500-3000 yards before breakfast.  I never could quite figure out why, other than a lingering fear that dietary cholesterol has anything to do with blood cholesterol.  (She had other ideas that didn't quite add up in my mind.)

Well, I have news for that nutritionist.  I had some blood work done recently and despite the whole needing to lose weight thing, all of my numbers are pretty great.  Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar - all good.  If anyone has eaten enough eggs to impact cholesterol, it would be me over the last couple of years.  So after my own unofficial n=1 experiment, I feel pretty safe in continuing to eat my eggs.

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