Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 10 - Strength and Carbs

I'm pleased that on the day I returned to strength training class after a very, very long absence, the teacher decided to tailor it just for me.  Seriously, today was my ideal class.  Lots of abs, some triceps and biceps, some quads and glutes.  I am a rock star when it comes to ab exercises, for which I credit swimming for many years.  Except for plank, that is.  We did 3, 1 minute 20 second planks and I couldn't hold them for very long.  However, I blame the slippery floor (toes sliding out from under me) and my weak elbows for that, rather than my core.  I assume as I lose weight, it won't hurt my elbows quite so much to hold plank.

Hopefully I won't be too sore and can elliptical tomorrow.  I should probably elliptical anyway since I'm sure it will help work out some of the muscle soreness.  My plan is to elliptical 3 times this week and go back for more strength class on Friday.

On Saturday I had a planned diet deviation and I really suffered for it.  We went up to Cambridge for a music festival all day Saturday and it's tradition every year to go to a Mexican place there with friends.  My entrée was ok on the carbs, but I planned to, and I did, indulge in the chips and salsa. I've always said that I don't react strongly to corn, but I think I might have been overly optimistic.

By the time we left the restaurant, I was starting to feel bloated.  We went to the festival's closing concert and two hours later when we left for home, I felt like my whole body had puffed up to double its size.  Not only that, but an hour into the closing concert I suddenly felt insanely tired.  Even with all the noise, I could have fallen asleep right there.  The next morning it was so hard to get up.

I know I've written about these experiences before, but I keep writing them down in the hopes that they will sink in, and also act as evidence to myself that I really do have extreme reactions to grains.

Yesterday was a stellar food day and today is on track so far as well.  I just feel so much better eating this way!

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Heather said...

Inspiring. I keep trying to think of something to say about the miscarriage(s), but coming up blank. It made me cry for you to read about them. Couldn't happen to a nicer person. I'm so, so sorry. Miscarriages, basically anything to do with fertility strikes right on the bone of even the most liberated feminists. We know we're not defined by our reproduction, yet those particular struggles and tragedies have the power to hollow us out to the very core. I have no great advice, just a cyber hug. Here it comes: /hug.