Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I'm Not Hungry

Today I realized that my lunchtime keeps getting later and later. I eat my breakfast when I get in at 9ish, then work all morning, sipping tea and water as I work. Then I think, oh, a walk would be nice. So I go for a walk at around 1. Then I get back to work and realize I should probably eat lunch. Yesterday I ate at 2:30, today at 2.

I'm just not hungry.

When it comes to actually eating the food, I'm excited about it because, frankly, I'm a good cook, and I know whatever I bought is going to be super yummy. But I'm not really hungry.

I know I need to keep my calories up or I'm not going to lose weight, but my incessant need to find something to snack on has just vanished. I did a little Googling and I think this may be a low-carb side effect.

I have a little confession - I've had a couple chocolates. Jason's grandparents make these divine homemade chocolates and toffees and our package from them arrived on Monday. So Monday I had 2 and last night I had 2. I made a point to savor them because I knew that was all I was getting.

Even if I count the grandparent chocolates as Godiva truffles in my SparkPeople nutrition tracker, my carbs are still under 100 g per day. I'm only weighing myself once a week, so I don't know if my weight has gone down, but I think this no hunger thing is a definite positive side effect of limiting my carbs.

Fitness Challenge:
Day 7: Sore from Day 6's weights! I had a lunchtime walk, then did a ton of cleaning when I got home last night.
Day 8: I was going to go to the gym, but company came into town last night and we were up late. It was so nice to sleep. So I did another lunch walk. Tomorrow I'll be back at the gym for more strength training.

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