Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

And I'm starting the year off right!

Because I'm a nerd, I showed up at the gym at 10 AM. Too bad they didn't open until 12. I could have sworn that sign said 10...

So I didn't get to do the weights and elliptical I wanted to do, but instead came home and walked a loop on Blackstone Boulevard. The walking path is actually still covered with snow (though today's 60 degree weather should take care of most of that), but both sides of the street have huge parking lanes and bike paths so me and about 50 other people were out there walking or jogging.

I have a big pot of black eyed peas on the stove, which I will be eating without the rice tonight. My eating has been great. I've been caffeine- and sugar-free since Tuesday and I haven't even had any cravings.

I weighed and measured myself yesterday and the numbers freaked me right out. Is it really possible to gain 16 pounds in 3 months? Is it? Because that just seems wrong to me. Somehow that's exactly what I've managed to do. So now instead of having 20-25 pounds to lose, I have 36-41 pounds to lose. Sigh.

Jason was as befuddled as me since neither one of us could really remember my eating being super out of control. Anyway, it's a little alarming. Maybe my metabolism decided to completely shut down on my 34th birthday in October?

Well, I'm trying to reverse this gaining trend now. Fingers crossed that it works.

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