Thursday, August 06, 2009

Workout Wednesday & Weekly Challenge

This week I actually did Workout Wednesday on Wednesday. So what do you get when you combine a walk home in pouring rain (I had my umbrella, but was still pretty soaked when I got home), followed by what amounts to a circuit training routine in an apartment that is 81 degrees and 70% humidity? A very sweaty me:
I have to say, I felt very accomplished after that. Also, I did 15 push-ups in a row! Real push-ups! I am definitely getting stronger.
Usually I work out in the morning anyway, so I thought the Weekly Challenge of working out in the morning would be no biggie. Only it's been tough to wake up this week. So far I've worked out once at night and walked to and from work for 2 days. This morning, after hitting snooze a few times, I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6:20.

Then it took me 2 minutes to find the camera and take a picture for posterity.
This morning I did 20 minutes of weights (lower body only since my upper body is still sore from the beating I gave it Tuesday and Wednesday) and 35 minutes on the elliptical.

Excellent news! The TVs are back up at the Y. I ellipticaled to Clean Sweep on TLC, which used to be one of my favorites back when I had cable. I am SO tempted to take some video of our living room and office/guest room and ask for them to come to our house. I'm sure our landlady would be ok with people painting the walls for the sake of a TV show...

I know that I am guilty of some of the clutter, but Jason has so many "treasures" or "just in case" items crammed into those two rooms that it drives me nuts. He's been promising me since we got married almost 2 years ago that he would clean stuff out. The goal has always been for him to clear out enough stuff for me to transfer my desk contents to his desk, and then get rid of my desk. Then to put a small bookshelf where my desk was to hold the books that my desk hutch currently holds. Only none of that has happened and the small bookshelf is just sitting in the living room. And since it had 3 whole empty shelves, Jason usurped it and has been putting stuff randomly on those shelves for months. The bookshelf is not a staging area!

The other night he was chiding me because I have a bunch of clothes on the guest room bed. Seriously? The room is so overtaken with his crap that you can't even open the door all the way and he's begrudging me some clothes on the bed? I do have to give him credit, though. He has stopped acquiring so many things. Which is good since otherwise I think we would be wading through the stuff.


Fat[free]Me said...

6.22? And I thought my 6.45 was good - well done you!

And, yes it is a nightmare living with clutter, but as it is only me here, who is to blame? Hmmmm.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love your workout pictures. From looking at them, it seems to me that a workout makes you truly happy! :)

Oh, yes, clutter... Living in a very small house with four people (two of whom have a complete disregard for others' space) can be a bit frustrating... ;)