Thursday, August 20, 2009

We're Gonna Be Famous!

My friend Rachel and I are kind of mulling over doing a podcast on health, nutrition and wellness issues. In my search for podcasts to listen to while working out and walking to work, I've happened upon several complete duds. A microphone does not make you an entertainer.

That said, I don't know how entertaining Rachel and I will be, though we sure have a good time discussing these issues amongst ourselves. And maybe Jason will pop in now and again to offer his voice of contrariness (He likes to be a devil's advocate. Also, he can be a bit cynical).

Rachel has a background in nutrition and dietetics and is currently working on a Masters in Public Health. Her lofty goals include reforming food policy (starting with farm subsidies) and teaching everyone in the world how to be healthy in their food choices.

I have no official qualifications to speak of. I'm just interested in the subject matter and constantly in pursuit of finding the right balance of healthy living for myself.

We have a couple of ideas, but are there any topics that you would want to listen to us discuss?


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

A podcast sounds great! The things to discuss are endless, but here are just a few ideas that come to mind without much thinking:

- your favorite workout(s): why, how, where, when, how did you get started, what are some basics others should know
- exercises you would like to try out but haven't; why haven't you tried them yet
- gym & locker room etiquette - I could be a guest for that one! ;)
- pre- and post-workout snacks/meals
- favorite outdoor workouts
- how to incorporate more exercise/movement into your daily life

This sounds like sooo much fun! I wish I had a workout buddy. Well, I have hubby, which is great. But I miss two friends who were once very close and with whom I worked out several times per week...

Rachel said...

Nice job asking people for ideas! I think we will be at least mildly entertaining, don't you worry. :) We should get started...