Friday, August 07, 2009

Just A Little Sick

I thought about going swimming this morning, but instead I slept in. Even though I've only been to the actual for-real gym twice this week, my muscles are very sore and needed a day off. I walked to and from work twice this week, and walked one way yesterday. Then I packed on the strength training in the evenings and my muscles need a break.

Also, I'm getting sick. I've had this annoying tickle in my throat for about 4 days and have had periodic coughing jags. It's kind of annoying because I'm not REALLY sick, but I do feel a bit under the weather and just wish the illness would either take hold and give me an excuse to whine and curl up on the couch, or go away altogether. So far it hasn't affected my working out, although yesterday I noticed I was breathing a lot harder when I walked up the steep hill on my way home from work than on the 2 other days this week that I scaled the same hill.

In case you're wondering, I'm still not losing weight. I made it down to 190.0 a couple of days ago and thought, maybe tomorrow I'll finally be back in the 180's. Alas, the next day I was 191.6. I drink a lot of water and watch my sodium, so I find gains like that kind of inexplicable. Oh well. I've kind of come to the conclusion that I'm not going to lose weight anymore. All I can do is keep eating healthy and exercising so that I can feel the best I can in my body, even if it's 30 pounds heavier than I would like it to be.

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