Monday, March 25, 2013

A New Day

I swam this morning!

And now I feel like going to sleep.  I was determined that today would be the day I also refocus on my clean eating, but I think I may need to have a Diet Coke in a little bit here, or else my head is going to hit the desk.  A day of clean eating + a Diet Coke = not TOO terrible, right?

Today the sleepiness is non-shingles-related, at least.  It is a legitimate sleepiness brought on by meeting my swimming buddy at 6 AM after not going to sleep until probably midnight-ish.  I'm not sure of the time exactly.  I tried to go to sleep earlier, but then Jason came upstairs and we spent awhile ruminating on the changes to our church congregation.

(Mormons are weird in that our congregations are organized by geography and yesterday our regional leadership let us know they had decided to split up our congregation among a couple of others, and then add some people from another congregation to ours, simply by changing which town lines make up which boundaries.  Anyway, I'm trying to be positive, but if I'm honest, I'm a bit irritated at the results.  So is Jason.  Thus, we were up late talking about the impact.)

But the real point is, I swam 2100 yards this morning and I'm tired and maybe even a little sore, but it's a start.  Again.

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