Friday, March 08, 2013

Don't Look At Me, I'm Hideous!

Even though logically I understand that shingles is just a flare up of the long-dormant chicken pox virus, it doesn't change that I've always thought the name "shingles" sounded like something disgusting.  Like there should be a sign on our front door crying out "Pestilence!" while I cower inside.

But actually I just have a little rash and my back hurts and the rash hurts and suddenly this afternoon I got really, really tired.

I also got some anti-viral medication that will hopefully keep the rash from spreading any further around my torso.

Based on what people are saying on Facebook about shingles, either I have a really mild case, or it just hasn't really hit me yet.  Because, yeah, it hurts, but it's not the worst thing ever.  Frankly my crazy awful case of chicken pox when I was 7, when I could only hobble a few steps across my bedroom on the sides of my feet because the bottoms of my feet were covered in pox and I was so insanely itchy and my parents put as much calamine lotion on me as they could to stop the itching and I was a calamine monster and it still didn't really ease the itching that much AND it was Christmas! -  THAT was worse than what I've experienced so far.

It's good to know that people nowadays get vaccinated for chicken pox so they won't really catch anything from me.  And they'd only catch it if they actually touched my rash, which, ew, and please get out of my personal space.

Knock on wood that this is the worst and I'll be through to the other side soon.  Man, am I tired...

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