Tuesday, March 12, 2013


For some reason that even he doesn't remember, Jason calls me "P".  I think the last time Jason actually called me "Kelly" was maybe our second or third week of dating. "Kellito" was popular for awhile, but now it's "P", which morphs into "Peasworth" at times.

Nicknames are big in his family.  His brother Taylor was "Taylora" then "Lora" then "Lora Bora" and now just "Lobo" or, as Jason likes to call him, "Lobo Grande".  Our cat Tiny has about 75 different nicknames, bestowed by both Jason and his brother Brandon.  Tinykins, Tiny Whiny, Chutsworth, Pooper, Pooper Charlie, Agent Bauer (following a viewing of a particular episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia").  Brandon even taught his 3-year old daughter to call the cat "Pooper Charlie", which I'm pretty sure is what she thinks the cat's actual name is.

(Story: when they visited us last July, we went to a local park to watch the sun set.  As we were leaving, I said, "OK, Anya, time to go home."  She exclaimed, "Yeah, have to go home and see Pooper Charlie!")

Anyway, ever since my diagnosis on Friday, Jason has taken to calling me "Shingley P", which makes me feel beautiful and like a delicate flower, as you can imagine.  Thanks so much, Jason.

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Señora H-B said...

SHINGLEY P! That made me snort. I love all of Tiny's nicknames. If ever there were a cat worthy of a nickname, he's the one!

My family also has a long tradition of nicknames as well. There's Ricky Ricardo, Jules, Wee-o-ba-dee-o, Henny Penny, Megwan Sezchuan, Tortilla, etc.... I've been called Mania since I was a baby thanks to a typo on a prescription bottle. My high school friends still call me Captain Ducky or just Ducky (my feet turn out a lot when I walk). Mr.'s niece called me Yaya for, like, a year because she couldn't pronounce my name. Now they all call me that, which I kind of love. The Mr. and I started calling each other 'Babe' as a joke after watching the 'Dinner Party' episode of The Office. It stuck and it's shameful. His nickname has always been Ike. I never call him that, but our nieces and nephews do.

The pets in my family have also had lots of nicknames. The cat Alfonso (Fonzo, Fonzorelli), dogs Maya (Papaya), Greta (Fofeta, Gaga, Gretskaya, Gretika), Sophie (Sofa Face, Sophielicious), and it goes on and on. Riffing on names is kind of awesome.