Thursday, April 07, 2011

Swimming and Feet

Went for my swim this morning and got 4 more lengths in my 20-minute trial than I did on Tuesday. Still not nearly as fast as I want to be, but solidly in the C range. So at least I proved that to myself, which makes me feel better.

Still shooting for A, though.

My triceps are screaming at me to cut it out. Sorry, triceps, you will be defined again! Swimming gives me a muscular upper back and totally cut triceps. Looking forward to getting those back.

I am not loving my sore left heel today. I paid for yesterday's lunch walk this morning when I got out of bed and stepped on my left foot. It's even a bit achy as I'm just sitting here at my desk typing, not putting any weight on it at all. I guess I won't be getting 10,000 steps per day again for at least a week while I let my foot rest for a bit.

Of course, today it's lovely and warm and sunny outside and a perfect day for a lunch walk.

You know what sunny days like this make me wish we had in New England? Outdoor pools. I think that's what I miss most about Tucson.

Oh, and my relatives.

And Mexican food.

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