Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Our coach sent out the weekly workouts yesterday afternoon with our official lane assignment for the upcoming practices. I got bumped down to Level D! I was fuming to Jason about it last night and he said I need to stop being so polite with the other people in the lane and not let them pass or slow down so that I don't pass them. He may be right.

I looked at the workouts and the D one is SO SLOW. I use the clock a lot when I'm doing my own workouts, so I know my speeds and I definitely don't need intervals of 2 minutes and 20 seconds for 100s. I'm going to do the C workout this week, and tomorrow morning I'm going to do that 20-minute swim on my own so I know my real pacing.

I was also kind of surprised that the coach bumped this other new girl down into D with me. Honestly, if anything, I thought she should have been moved up to B. I guess she and I will be frustrated in the D lane together.

Of course, it may be more about numbers. There are only 5 lanes and 25 people to spread out over those 5 lanes.

Yesterday was long and late so I didn't get up for my swim this morning. Now, I wish I had. I'm a little antsy and I'm craving a nice swim. One day and I'm already addicted to the endorphins. I get a nice buzz when I swim that I just don't get with most other activities. The only other thing that is a guaranteed shot of endorphins for me is doing HIIT on the elliptical. But swimming is more fun, and less disgustingly sweaty.

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