Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Masters Morning

This morning was the 2nd Masters swimming workout. There were actually probably 6 fewer people than at the last workout, which meant the lanes weren't quite so crowded. Also, the coach didn't make us get in the assigned lanes this week, so I wound up swimming with the same people as last week, which worked fine (though I still think that one girl should be bumped up to the B level. She was on my heels the entire time. Meanwhile I was keeping pace with the other people in the lane.)

I wish I didn't have to jump out of the pool right at 7:30 to get ready for work because today wasn't much of a workout. We just did a ton of drill 50s. All sorts of drills.

The thing about drills are, they kind of make you feel like a total goober. Yes, thank you, I KNOW I'm not supposed to slap the water with my open palm, or radically rotate my hips every time I take a stroke. It's a drill. I was fine today when everyone was doing all the crazy body contortions, but I admit to feeling a little self-conscious on Saturday morning when I was doing the drills on my own.

It's interesting how swimming theory has changed since I learned how to swim in the early 80s. Not that it's changed that much, but enough that I'm modifying my stroke a bit and really concentrating on making my technique better. Which is exactly why I joined Masters, so hooray for getting my money's worth.

I predict I will be an even bigger swimming nerd when the next Summer Olympics roll around, scrutinizing everyone's technique and such.

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