Friday, August 08, 2008


I'm sick. Head full of gross body fluids kind of sick. My nose is red, my eyes are pink, I'm tired of coughing my feeble little coughs, although I am happy they're not body-racking, lung-shaking kind of coughs because then I would probably have bronchitis instead of just an annoying little cold.

I came home from work early and spent the next hour cleaning the floors of the apartment because we're having people over tonight and tomorrow. Jason is a prince among men in my mind today. I wanted to spend Wednesday and Thursday cleaning, but instead spent Wednesday having lunch and shopping with a friend while I had a vague idea in the back of my mind that I was probably getting sick. Thursday I spent lounging in different spots of the apartment (depending on which window the shinglers weren't standing outside of) with no energy to clean. I did get some grocery shopping done, and then I collapsed on the couch.

Last night when Jason came home from work I looked around the room and said, pitifully, "It's so messy still. I didn't get anything done today! I wanted to get it all clean." He assured me it was no problem and he would clean last night.

And he did. He got the clutter off of most of the surfaces and made things look relatively tidy. I have no idea how late he was up, but I woke up several times during the night to blow my nose and to try to find a comfortable sleeping position and he wasn't in bed yet. The only thing left to be done was the floors, which I just did. And now I'm recuperating. I don't think stirring up dust and cat hair tumbleweeds helped the stuffed nose situation.

So the point of all this whining is my workouts have been knocked off my schedule again. I swam Monday and Wednesday and that's it. I have done a good job of keeping my calories on the low end over the past couple of days so hopefully that will keep me steady until I stop projectile sneezing and can swim again.

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