Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday was an amazing food day, in that it all tasted really, really good. Not so much for the healthy side, but whatever.

First, we went to brunch. I had an omelet and realized piles of gloppy cheese don't really appeal to me anymore. I ate around the cheese and just ate the eggs and veggies. I ate a lot of canteloupe, which was lovely and sweet, and had a couple helpings of breakfast meats of assorted varieties. The only really "bad" thing I had was a mini corn muffin and a mini key lime square. Not too bad.

Then we went to my friend's wedding in Connecticut wherein I ate many helpings of brie and saga bleu on water crackers. Oh and mini crabcakes. Dinner was delectable roast beef with horseradish cream and skewers of swordfish, scallops and shrimp, along with salad and mixed vegetables and potatoes. It was all so good.

We couldn't stay for cake because we needed to head back, but we took a rest stop at McDonald's and I got a soft serve cone. Love the soft serve cone.

I didn't get to the pool this morning because, oh yeah, it was really hot and muggy at my friend's outdoor wedding. The wedding was lovely, but as I stood there listening to the service, I could feel rivulets of sweat streaming down my back. Then we came home to our non-air conditioned apartment and sweat our way through the night. Heat really saps the energy right out of me and I just couldn't wake up at 6 this morning. Tomorrow, definitely.

So Sunday was kind of a wash and I didn't even bother with recording things on SparkPeople. The good thing about letting myself have an off day now and again, particularly for special occasions, is I just brush it off and wake up the next day and I'm back on track. Other than the OCD numbers and counting fixation that I have*, I think I'm staying pretty mentally healthy with this weight loss thing.

*And really, if I wasn't counting calories or lap strokes, I would just be counting something else.

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