Sunday, June 08, 2008

All the Right Moves

So I think I am doing some of my Pilates exercises correctly now. Not that I was doing them really incorrectly before, but I have done this particular inner thigh set twice before and didn't really feel it. Yesterday I did 45 minutes of Pilates, and I am really feeling it in my inner thighs today. I love that feeling of knowing that I'm getting it right and if I keep doing it I'll see some progress.

110 laps yesterday in an hour. Usually I can get 100 in an hour, but I think I was moving fast yesterday. In fact, I think I did a 400 (16 laps) in 6:25, but I'm not positive. The timing clock at the pool is at kind of a weird angle so some of the times are hard to read from a couple of the lanes. If I did the 400 at 6:25, that means I would be doing an 800 at 13:50, which is a decrease of 35 seconds from earlier this week. Of course, I won't really know until I do the longer swim, but I like seeing times like that and feeling like I'm getting faster.

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