Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Favorite Website

Have you all seen Steep and Cheap? It's a site that has revolving outdoorsy products for sale at deep discounts. They sell one product until it runs out and then move on to the next one.

Two warnings:

1) Act quickly! They had a great backpack for about $20 cheaper than anywhere else and I hemmed and hawed and checked with Jason to get his opinion and all of a sudden it was gone! There's a gauge on the page to give you a rough idea of how many are left and I kept hitting refresh and it kept telling me there were a bunch and then one time I hit refresh and the backpack had disappeared to be replaced by an ugly men's jacket. Boo!

2) It's kind of addictive. I find myself popping over every few minutes to refresh the page. Also, when I started watching the site I knew I wanted a heart rate monitor so I was on the lookout for that. Now I want a heart rate monitor and a good hiking day pack. I have a feeling, the more I watch the site, the more I will realize how much stuff I

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