Monday, February 27, 2012


I joined Shape Up Rhode Island this year because a woman from my church set up a team and invited a bunch of us to join. What the heck, right? Well, it's amazing what a little competition will do! I log in every day and record my steps, my exercise minutes, and the fruits and veggies I've eaten. I'm also doing a weekly weigh-in.

After you log everything in, you can go to your team page and little bar graphs will tell you how you're doing compared to the rest of your teammates. This has inspired me to (1) remember to wear my Fitbit every day, and (2) get in some sort of exercise every day that I can. Competition! Love it!

This past weekend, Jason's brother was in town, visiting us before heading up to Boston for a conference. We ate. A lot.

Brandon is all about authentic experiences, so he found a divey Venezuelan place for lunch on Saturday, which was amazing, as divey places often are. Then we drove out to Newport and despite the gale-force winds, we wandered around a bit in the state parks on Ocean Ave past all of the mansions. I've never been that far out on the island and it was gorgeous!

We had a good time, but as I said, we ate a lot. Still, I'm down 2.2 pounds for the week. Woo hoo! Given my recent history of either plateauing or gaining, without any losses, I'm pretty happy about that.

Today I slept in a little (carbs make me sluggish and I definitely ate carbs yesterday), but tomorrow I will swim and Wednesday is strength training. Today's food has been stellar and I got out of the office for a 35 minute walk earlier.

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