Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I realize that I have been inconsistent. I blame vacations, though we don't have another one of those planned, well, at all, in the coming months. I'm sure something will come up - a long weekend somewhere nearby - but for now, we're here in Rhode Island and I can have a routine again.

Judging by the very slightly looser jeans on the plane ride home, apparently eating gourmet pizza and burgers and blackened fish sandwiches (with chips) and fudgey brownies don't really have a negative impact when I'm also snorkeling for a couple hours and treading water in the ocean for the rest of the day. Again, I kick myself for entering a profession that is so very sedentary.

This week is off to a good start. Despite having late meetings at work on Monday and Tuesday nights, I went to Masters swimming on Tuesday morning and made the 6:30 AM strength training class this morning. Tomorrow, I will swim, and Friday I thought I had a meeting in Boston, but I'm going to do it via conference call, which means I can do Friday's class too.

I've been getting to bed early, much to Jason's chagrin. Late meetings plus early bedtimes means I haven't talked to him much over the last couple of days. I know I need to remedy that. On the other hand, getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep is AMAZING.

I have yet to go grocery shopping since we got home (see above re: late meetings) so my eating hasn't been the best, but it hasn't been atrocious either. I am firmly committed to restarting my 8-week challenge next week, this time with no excuses/vacations. As motivation, I like to read the Primal Blueprint Real Life Stories on Mark's Daily Apple. I sent this one to Jason a couple of weeks ago because it blew me away. I really want to be one of those people who sticks to the paleo/primal lifestyle and have my own amazing transformation.

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