Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling Like Myself Again

The half cold I've been nursing for the past couple of weeks seems to have moved on. I wound up taking the entire week off of early-morning workouts and slept in every day and I think that did the trick. I did go for a walk at lunch every single day, though, and I'm going to walk the 3 1/2 miles home from work today. I am really antsy today at work and feel like time is c r a w l i n g by, so I think that's my cue that I'm well and ready to work out again.

My eating has been good this week and I've kept my carbs around and below 100 g, with the major carbs coming from potatoes and sweet potatoes from our farm share. Remember my moaning about my weight being up to a horrifying number? Well, the number is still horrifying, but it's 3 pounds less horrifying than it was on Tuesday. 3 pounds in as many days.

Oh, hai, lo-carb. I remember how u werk.

Counting the seconds until I can blow this popsicle stand. Did I mention I'm antsy today?

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