Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Someday This Will Begin, I Swear

The best laid plans. Am I right?

Sunday night was...not so fun. I don't know if I had a brief flu bug, or food poisoning, but my body did not want anything in it, thank you very much, including water. By yesterday morning, I was able to drink some ginger ale and eat some Saltines, which Jason went out and got for me, lovely man. Then I had some soup for dinner. Yay soup.

This morning I felt much better, but still not super. My stomach has been a little wonky all day, but better than it was.

So I missed the strength training class yesterday morning and I missed Masters swimming this morning. I'm hoping to get to the strength training class tomorrow morning. But I think I'm going to call this week a wash and start my CHALLENGE! over next week.

That doesn't mean I'm giving myself license to fall apart, though. My eating has been fantastic today. It helps that I don't really want to eat that much. What I have eaten has been low-carb.

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