Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am apparently useless without an official challenge. I'm sure there are some New Years challenges I could still jump into, but I'm going to set a challenge for myself. So here we go with:

Kelly's 8-Week Challenge!

(Sound official enough?)

Timeline: January 15, 2012 to March 10, 2012

Diet: Low-carb/Paleo
- No grains. I've realized I have some sort of wheat sensitivity, but have let other grains (mainly corn) creep in more often than I like. Got to cut it out!
- Little bit of dairy. I like cheese and milk, but it's not going to be the staple of my low-carb snacks like it has been in the past.
- Main diet will be protein and non-starchy vegetables, a little bit of fruit, healthy fats.
- One Diet Coke per week. I know I should cut them out altogether, and hopefully by the end of the 8 weeks that won't seem so insurmountable, but right now I am a big-time Diet Coke addict once again. So I'm allowing one per week in the beginning and I'll see how my cravings go.

Exercise: 4 workouts per week in the beginning.
- At least 2 strength training classes per week
- At least 2 cardio workouts per week

There is a bit of a caveat to the 8 weeks, which is that Jason and I are going on a trip at the end of the month that we've been planning for several months and which will probably involve some food splurging. Though the last time we went, we were crazy active the entire time and honestly did not eat too unhealthily, conch fritters aside. Anyway, my plan for that week is to eat as well as I can, but not be obsessive about it. If I go too far off the rails, I'll add another week to the challenge.

I'm going to start my detox on Saturday, the 14th, since it's a long weekend and I don't really want to go through carb/caffeine withdrawal at work.

Jason should enjoy that.

Also, I'm supposed to drive some teenage girls to a dance Saturday night and by then I suspect I'll really be jonesing for a Diet Coke. I predict that will be super fun.

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DAM said...

So how's it going so far? I'm restarting my own program today, myself. Did a Pilates session last week and cardio barre yesterday...I know I'll feel great soon again, and so will you!