Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 Days In and It's All Good

I suppose I technically should have started this whole challenge thing on Sunday, since that's the beginning of the week in most people's minds.

Even though it's the sabbath for Christians, which is the 7th day, when God rested. Right? So really, starting yesterday was right on.

Anyway, last week was not too bad, other than the anadama bread I made over the weekend. And the junk I ate at a hockey game on Friday night. But check out these strides I'm making:

1) I got chicken tenders, fries and a Diet Pepsi at the game. I am not a Diet Pepsi fan, but it was the only diet option, so I figured I would get it. This is after not drinking ANY Diet Coke all week. (Proud of me? I am.) Well, Diet Pepsi is revolting. I've always thought so, but it's even worse when my taste buds aren't used to diet soda in general. So I took 2 sips, then passed it over to Jason. I ate the 3 teeny tiny chicken tenders, but didn't finish my fries. Jason polished those off as well.

2) Speaking of diet soda, I had some Diet Coke with lime on Saturday, which I declared my Diet Coke Day of the Week. Meh. It was better than the Diet Pepsi, but not my favorite. How can my attitude toward Diet Coke have shifted so drastically in just one week? Over the holidays I was planning our excursions around opportunities to stop somewhere and get a Diet Coke.

3) We ran out of cornmeal and I substituted almond meal in the anadama bread. Yum! I think it actually helped the bread bake up much lighter than usual. I'm going to dedicate some time in the coming months to some baking experimentation. My ultimate goal is to come up with something grain-free (or at least gluten-free) that I can make in my bread machine.

This week is off to a good start. I'm keeping the carbs low. We went out for a Restaurant Week meal last night (when else can you go to Ruth's Chris and not pay $45 for a steak?), so I did have dessert (an adorable chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup with berries and cream). Even so, my carbs for the day were still well under 100 grams.

After arguing with myself for about 10 minutes yesterday morning, I managed to pull myself out of bed and get to the strength training class. I think I need to bring my own yoga mat. The Y's mats are pretty foul and I actually abstained from most of the face-down stretching at the end of the hour because I caught a definite odor coming off of the mat I was using.

Then I went to Masters swimming this morning. I am slow. No, let me emphasize, I am SLOOOOOW. When I first got there, I asked the coach which lane I should be in, telling her I hadn't been in the pool since the last time she saw me sometime in November. I got knocked down a lane AND I was totally getting beat by the people in that lane. But one of my swimming buddies said she knows I'll be back up to speed in no time. I appreciate the encouragement.

Also, it was really sweet because everyone was happy to see me. I got a lot of excited greetings this morning and everyone asked where I had been. It's nice to be missed.

Now, I am sore. But it's a good pain.

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