Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back on Track

I've been told not to flagellate myself in this blog with regard to my weekend indiscretions.

But in the interest of honesty, and documenting my path (as sporadic as that may be at times), I ate some dessert on Saturday. I went to a wedding reception and a dessert party. Considering the temptation, I think I actually kept things pretty moderate. . .

Then I ate butternut squash soup, cornbread and pie on Sunday. We had friends over and we had two butternut squashes. The soup was fantastic, actually, as was the cornbread and the pie.

Yesterday morning I dragged into work and dutifully entered everything into SparkPeople. Actually, Saturday wasn't TOO bad. Carbs stayed under 100 g. Sunday I got up to 185 g of carbs, and as soon as I saw that number I realized why I felt tired and cloudy. It's amazing how the carbs impact how I feel. So yesterday and today I'm back on the low-carb track.

However, today I am cloudy and tired, but for a totally different reason. We went to Chili's for 2-for-1 fajitas. FAJITAS ARE NOT LOW CARB!, you say. Well, it is if you just eat the meat and the toppings. I didn't really miss the doughy tortilla, actually. I wish they had lettuce leaves so I could make wraps, but when I asked, they said their lettuce comes pre-shredded. Ooookay.

My downfall came in the 3 Diet Cokes I drank. See, the water in Pawtucket, Rhode Island tastes like dirt. The very first time we went to that Chili's, our friends warned us that we needed to order a drink. They weren't kidding. We thought it was just a clever ploy of Chili's to get us to order a drink, but when we moved to Pawtucket a couple months ago, we discovered that it's the city water that's bad. After not having any caffeine for a couple weeks I was buzzing after dinner. Then I was wide awake until 3:30. Since I had a meeting at 8:30, there was no sleeping in for me.

Next time, since I'm ordering a drink anyway, I'll get club soda.

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Tiffany said...

Hi Kelly! I found you through the RFM widget the other day. Very cool that your tracking your weight loss here. Good luck!