Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 4 - The New Day 3

So remember how I was dreading Day 3 because of the carb withdrawal and the achiness and the foggy-headedness, then was pleasantly pleased by how I felt yesterday? Apparently this time, Day 4 is my withdrawal day. I have kind of a general achiness and feel a bit cloudy. I would like a Diet Coke (with lime).

This explains why I felt fine yesterday. It would also explain why I was totally craving something sweet all yesterday afternoon and evening. My body's last ditch effort to get me to cave.

As the scale still hovers around a number I don't really like, I've had a couple of NSVs (non-scale victories) this week. First, I have baked twice this week. That's not the NSV. On Wednesday night I made pumpkin muffins (one of my favorites!) for the group of girls I work with at church. I admit, I dipped my finger in the batter once. As soon as the batter was in the muffin cups, I filled the mixing bowl with water so I wouldn't be tempted to go ahead and lick up the rest of the batter (yes, I know, salmonella blah blah blah. Pumpkin muffin batter is good!). I ate zero finished muffins and gave them all away.

Last night, I made another of my favorite recipes for cornbread because we had the college kids Jason teaches over to our house and one of them requested it. I plugged the recipe into the SparkRecipes calculator just for kicks, and wow, that is some unhealthy cornbread. I ate one corner of one piece and dutifully entered it into my SparkPeople nutrition chart.

The second NSV is, despite my little tastings, my net carbs so far are:
  • Day 1 44
  • Day 2 40
  • Day 3 43
I'm pretty proud of that.

OK, now to get through Day 4. I have a feeling this is going to be a long day.

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