Friday, September 10, 2010

No Farm Share This Week

With the move, I got totally thrown off track with my reporting about the Farm Share. We're still getting it every week, and it's been interesting to see what sort of new crops Farmer John planted this year. He seems heavy on the peppers this year, which is fine, except I have grown two extremely prolific pepper plants myself and have PLENTY of peppers. Maybe even a peck. (I know. That was very bad.)

Anyway, yesterday evening a combination of bad traffic, taking dinner to someone who just had a baby's house and trying to get my place straightened up to have people over meant I couldn't pick up the Farm Share. Jason would have, but he was in the middle of something at work (fruit fly experiments wait for no man!). So I'm disappointed, but it's not the end of the world since now we live about 30 seconds from the huge Saturday morning farmers' market.

We stopped by last Saturday and in addition to bringing home some zucchini, corn and a rosemary plant, I was so intrigued by the farmers selling grass-fed beef and other animals. Jason is out of town this weekend and I kind of want to buy a little something tomorrow morning just to see how it tastes compared to the regular store-bought beef. Maybe I will...

My ultimate fantasy is to buy a deep freezer and go in with someone to buy half a grass-fed cow, or something crazy like that. But I think the deep freezer will have to wait until we're a little more permanently settled. Shame.


Deborah said...

You have tons of space in your new place, though, and decent-sized chest freezers can be had for a couple hundred bucks. Just put one in the basement!

Carbzilla said...

HI - Just wanted to say I added you to my reader after Jimmy Moore shared your site. Looking forward to reading more!