Monday, October 06, 2008

Last Week

It's always obvious what's going on when the weight loss bloggers stop blogging, isn't it? There's nothing to blog about when you're not doing anything.

Actually, I got sick with some weird stomach bug last week that made me well enough to get to work (barely), but not really up for much else, including swimming. My weight is steady, even though I only swam once all week. This morning I'm still not feeling fabulous, but I'm determined that tomorrow I'll be back in the pool. Which is getting increasingly harder as the weather gets cooler. I may have to switch to the elliptical for the winter. Getting hot and sweaty when it's 20 degrees out may actually be a good thing for getting me going in the morning, especially since heat will be expensive and our heating method this winter will consist of large piles of blankets.

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