Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello There

I've put on a couple of pounds since my no working out workout plan began several weeks ago. Not that it's an actual plan, just a result of the mornings being darker and me being lazier.

I'm trying to be optimistic by thinking that I still weigh less than this time last year, which means I have taken off all last year's holiday weight gain (like 10 pounds) plus some.

I'm trying not to think things like, "Gee, if I had keep up with my super awesome eating and exercising diligence I would probably weigh at least 7 pounds less than I do instead of creeping back up." Trying to keep those thoughts at bay.

The good news is, we're going to Maine for 4 days, during which I will be hiking up peaks. Well, not really peaks so much. But I will start out at a lower place than I end up and that counts for something.

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Amazon Alanna said...

Oooh..I love, love, love Maine! It's my favorite state. If you have time, please say hello to the ocean for me.

Congrats on being lighter this year than last. That is a wonderful thing!