Saturday, April 08, 2006


I have a new favorite snackie. Jason, the boy in my life, has a favorite drink that he makes a lot consisting of cranberry juice, lime juice and club soda. Well, last night I realized I had both cranberry and lime sugar-free Jello. Hmmm. I combined them together and the result is really yummy. And at 10 calories a serving, it can't be beat.

I did an hour with Denise tonight. I suppose with commercials it winds up being somewhere between 45-50 minutes, but whatever. My abs are very sore. I've started talking back to her. For instance, today she wanted me to do a plank, meaning I support myself on my lower arms and my toes with my body stretched out. You would not believe how much this one move works your abs.

But then she said, "Alright, now lift up one leg, stretch it, and down. Now the other one. Come on! You can do it!" To which I responding by collapsing and saying, "Yeah, no, actually, I can't." Not yet anyway. I think I still weigh too much and my arms are too weak. I have no upper-body strength and while I could definitely feel that particular move in my abs, it was also starting to hurt my arms pretty bad. Sigh. I know I'll eventually be able to do it.

I did the aerobics and abs half hour first, then I did the pilates and yoga half hour, which was a nice way to relax. She always does some very basic yoga moves at the end of the show, and I can tell even after only doing a few of them that I'm getting a little more limber, my balance is improving, and my weak ankles aren't wobbling as much as they used to.

After 60 hours of work this week and an hour with Denise, I should sleep well tonight!

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