Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekly Update

So I've gained 1.6 pounds, but I've lost an inch, so I'm going to assume it's muscle and move forward and not get too depressed about inching closer back to 200. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

This week I am definitely going to try harder to work out every day. Or at least Monday through Thursday, since I'm heading to Boston on Friday night.

The week's workouts:
Monday - one hour with Denise.
Tuesday - recuperating from Monday. Too many lunges equals pain in the thighs that makes it progressively more difficult to do crazy things like walk and sit down.
Wednesday - 50 minutes with Denise. She wanted me to do some more lunges and I just couldn't.
Thursday - no workout because I met up with some friends.
Friday - no workout because I'm a lazy bum.
Saturday - one hour with Denise.

Despite it being the end of my 60-hour work week, after working out Saturday night I felt so energized. I need to remember that for days like Friday when I just can't work up the strength to think about exercising.

I also need to stop making exercise a choice. It just needs to be something I do without thinking too much about it.

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