Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I think it's a bad sign when you plateau with your workout regime only 3 weeks in. Actually, I'm just having issues with the aerobics. Denise Austin's strength training is still good for me, as evidenced today by my sore pectorals (or boobies if you want to get all technical about it) and bum. I am a weakling. Particularly my arms. I can't even do a couple of the exercises that are ostensibly for the abs because they require significant arm balancing and my arms aren't strong enough yet to hold all of me up for the time she requires.

However, I've passed the point where I feel like my heart rate is up high enough for long enough during the aerobics. To compensate I've been jogging in place during the commercials. And because the jogging in place feels good I find myself thinking crazy, CRAZY thoughts like "Huh, maybe I'd like running after all. I'd get to be outside too..." No, NO. Smack down those crazy thoughts, Kelly! I also realize jogging in place in NO WAY represents actual running and I tell my crazy brain this and she generally shuts up.

So any suggestions other than the aforementioned jogging in place to keep my heart rate up for longer? Actually Denise has some Tae Bo moves she does that I love and they usually get my heart pumping. Maybe I can just substitute those even when the routine for the day is the step-together with the arms swinging thing that she likes so much.


Anonymous said...

I do an hour of Yoga every morning to a DVD but I can't imagine doing something like you do!
Running is hard still for me, especially at the start of each and every run, but I'd much rather run and be outside than do an Denise Austin workout!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

jumproping is really good -- but you'd probably have to go outside for that (unless you have a gigantic living space). Or a baby trampoline?

Josie said...

I have a few suggestions to keep the heart rate pumping-

1. Jumping jacks with small hand weights.

2. Squats.

3. Basically jogging in place but bringing your knees up to your waist instead...almost as if you're jogging in two spare tires in front of you.

LME said...

I second the baby trampoline suggestion if you're working out inside.

And what's wrong with slowly getting into a running program? C to 5K will get you running three miles before you know what happened.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the suggestions. My place isn't quite big enough for a jump rope, but the baby trampoline idea is interesting. I actually used to have one when I was little because I had so much energy my parents got me one.

As for running, I've never liked to run. PLus, both of my parents have bad knees and I don't want to push my luck. And I have flat feet. I think I better stick to swimming and the elliptical

Anonymous said...
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