Friday, February 22, 2013

A Walking Advertisement for the Flu Shot

Yes, in fact, it's taken me this long to fully get over the flu.  I kept thinking I was fine, while I was sitting at my desk doing nothing.  Then I would speedwalk with my boss to his car to head to a meeting, or walk up a couple of flights of stairs carrying laundry, and I would be completely out of breath and have a coughing fit (or in the case of the boss, suppress a coughing fit as best I could) and have to sit down and rest for a few minutes.

I'm finally, FINALLY starting to feel normal again and up to working out.  I even went for a lunch walk yesterday because I was so sick and tired of stting at my desk, feeling my bum spread ever further.

I took a good first step today and signed up for the swim in St. John!  My swimming compadres and I discussed it Monday night and rather than swim side-by-side, we're going to do the relay.  The swim can be broken up into 3 chunks (1, 1.25 and 1.25 miles), which is perfect.  I'm planning to swim one of the 1.25 mile chunks.  Maybe I'll even anchor, like the good ole swim team free relay days.

But, man, am I out of shape!  This is going to take some serious training over the next 3 months.  I'm excited to get to it finally!

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