Thursday, February 03, 2011

Day 2: Low Carb and Activity Challenge

I've decided to adjust my food goals a bit from strict Paleo to low carb, with a strong focus on whole foods. It's a little bit of a cop-out because I discovered a really good fake mocha recipe, but it involves Splenda. And cream. I know, weak, right, but it's so great on these cold, cold winter days.

I say "fake" mocha because as a Mormon I'm not supposed to drink coffee, but I LOVE coffee-flavored stuff (I blame my Nana who used to let me finish the last few sips of her full-sugar, full-cream coffee when I was too small to realize my religion didn't want me to do that. Nana was not Mormon).

As for other hot drinks, hot chocolate is full of sugar and sometimes I just get tired of tea, so I started poking around for options. Apparently there are some coffee substitutes that are made from chicory and are very popular in Utah among the Mormons that want coffee too. The fake coffees are available at Whole Foods so I've been checking out the options for a good flavor.

Yesterday when we were snowed/iced in for the day, I invented the following:

10 oz almost boiling water
1 1/2 T. instant Cafix (faux coffee)
1/2-3/4 T. unsweetened cocoa
2 packets Splenda
Cream to taste

Yummy! And warm!

I've also decided that I need to have a spiral cut ham on hand at all times. I bought one and froze it when they were on sale around Christmas, and just cooked it this last Sunday. It's so handy when I have the munchies to just go grab a slice of ham.

So the food is all good. We're going to the Capital Grille tonight for Restaurant Week where I fully intend to eat the flourless chocolate cake that I'll get for my dessert course. At least it's flourless. Even with the cake figured in, my net carbs for the day are 36 grams.

However, yesterday's activity part of my challenge was dismal. On Tuesday, I did a bunch of weight exercises while we watched TV and felt quite proud of myself. I am really feeling the sumo squats today.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, we were stuck inside while it snowed and freezing rained all day. The cars are still stuck in the ice so there's no driving to the gym, and given that I ice skated down my driveway and to the bus this morning, I'm a little nervous about going for a walk. I thought about doing some more weights last night, but my sore muscles were asking for a break. As soon as we thaw out a bit, I will be back to the activity. Maybe I'll postpone the activity challenge until I can actually DO some activity.

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