Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Day 3 of South Beach and the headaches are gone. Day 3, you're the best!

Jason's brother is staying with us for the week. They got home from Cambridge last night around 10:30 and rather than toddle off to bed like I should have, I hung out and watched Heroes* with them and got to bed around 1ish. So when the alarm went off at 5:30, I said no to the gym.

I'll be there tomorrow. I'm dedicated, yo.

* Does anyone know why they still watch this show? Because I don't. The first season ROCKED, but ever since then it's been meandering. Now's there's T-Bag from Prison Break with his on-again, off-again Irish accent, and I just can't stop thinking of him as T-Bag and just a yucky human being. Then Hiro is there and the center of the story, then he's gone. I can't really remember what happens from one week to the next. Yet we keep watching.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I'm glad the headaches are gone!

I never got into Heroes, but hubby was hooked for a while (before we canceled cable and moved the T.V. to a spot where you really can't watch it....)

Have fun at the gym! :)

kip said...

Way to go! I'm totally a fan of SB over the holidays. Last year I started the day after Christmas and everyone thought I was nuts. But it's nice to come back in Jan with a head start rather than additional pounds to lose.

My goal for Christmas this year is moderation. That whole law of diminishing returns thing is kind of true. Is the 10th cookie really as good as the first? :)

Donna said...

I think I heard Heroes jumped the shark during the writer's strike...yes?

And yes, T-Bag will always be T-Bag to me, too!